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[RA3] Virtual Forces Cup 28-June-2009

PostPosted: Mon 22. Jun 2009, 14:33
by Trip
A Red Alert 3 1on1 tournament. Cup mode is Single Elimination KO.
Taking place at 2 p.m. GMT + 2; 28-June-2009.
Check-in is at 1.40 pm til 1.50 pm in tournament lobby 1, where the tournament takes place.

First Map is given, then Loserchoice (out of the Mappool)

The finals will be broadcasted at RTS Cups TV.

There is a maximum of 32 slots.

If you have any questions ask me or Rotor as we are the admins.

For more info and to signup check this thread, you can use english language: ... cup-85802/
Replays and results should also be uploaded in that thread.
You can use english language.
Except the finals.
For those replays and results you should wait til it was broadcasted by RTS Cups TV.
Also you cannot play the finals without the admins (Rotor, me or the RTS Cups people) as observer.

Final Grid:




Hall of Fame Entry: